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Hiring a professional air conditioning repair technician is the first step to resolving serious issues with your system. However, between major repairs and tune-ups, you can do a lot to keep your unit operating at a high level. Air filters are easily replaceable and can greatly impact how well your cooling equipment is able to perform. If you’ve noticed a drop off in your system’s performance or you want to breathe
Vassalboro ME 04989 cleaner air, replace all the current filters in your home with new ones.
    ut Air filters are disposable and aren’t meant to be permanent fixtures in your ducts. As they continue to collect dust and debris over time, their effectiveness will begin to wane. If you use your AC often, changing your filters every few months is a good idea. If you aren’t sure whether you need to swap out your old filters Vassalboro ME 04989 or not, give them a quick inspection to see how dirty they are.

Try changing your filters before contacting an air conditioning repair specialist to inspect your HVAC system. Filters come in a few standard sizes that are readily available at most hardware stores. It’s a great idea to buy a box, so you’ll always have a replacement handy when needed. To change your filter, simply unscrew the cover and remove the
Vassalboro ME 04989 old one. Make sure to handle the used filter carefully so as to not knock loose any of the collected dust and debris. After you’ve put in the new filter, screw the cover back into place.
kk Different filters have different ratings. Depending on how much filtration you want, you can buy a product that meets your exact needs. While some home and business owners only buy vents for the ducts leaving the Vassalboro ME 04989 AC, others choose to put filters on both their ducts and their return vents. Doing so will keep less dust from settling in your home or business and make cleaning a breeze. If you or a family member suffers from allergies, it’s very important to change your filters regularly to ensure the healthiest possible environment.
gg While changing your vents can improve the performance and efficiency of your HVAC equipment, it isn’t the Vassalboro ME 04989 only way. If you have an older unit that is no longer meeting your demands, have it serviced by an air conditioning repair technician. Wear and tear can take its toll on a system and make it more costly to run. When your technician arrives, have your ducts inspected to make sure there aren’t any large deposits of dust. While cleaning the insides can be tricky, professional HVAC technicians have the Vassalboro ME 04989 tools and cleaning machines required.

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